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About Me

I am is a firm believer in big dreams and solid business plans. At 10 years old I started my own business selling gift baskets and homemade cards to family and friends. My favorite quote is “If you can dream it, you can do it” by Walt Disney; and I did. In 2013 I founded Dance Soul Motion, a boutique fitness studio. I have first hand experience owning, operating, and expanding a small business, and currently work as a freelance social media marketing coordinator.


When I'm not online you can find me working out or helping others with their wellness journey. I am a certified personal trainer, nutrition specialist, and runner. Adding to my growing collection of race medals I recently completed the New York City Marathon, my first in person marathon, in November 2021.

A lover of travel, adventure, and warm weather you can find me outside most of the summer, and in Disney when it’s winter! I have a wonderfully supportive husband (he fully champions all of my new business ideas, of which there is about one a week) and the world’s cutest Beagle/Basset mix. A full fledged Disney adult, you can hear me chat all things Disney with my co-host Laura on their podcast One Little Podcast.


Like social media trends, things change and businesses evolve: I am ready to use my creativity, skills, and experience to help others thrive. In an interview I was once asked what my passion is: it’s helping others. I have the skill to inspire, teach, and champion whatever goal my clients set to accomplish. I will be your toughest critic and biggest cheerleader, that’s how deeply I believes in you!

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