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My Journey

I have been in the fitness industry for over a decade, but that didn't keep me from having imposter syndrome many times throughout my career. I knew the only way to get mentally tough was to become physically strong! In 2018 I began lifting weights, running consistently, and changed my relationship with food. Now, I work with clients to help them find their wellness path and create healthy lifestyle plans that last.


Personal Training

Whether you're interested in a form check or looking to build a new fitness routine based on your personal goals, personal training is an individualized approach to fitness.

$100 for 60 Minutes


Take the guess work out of nutrition with a customized plan, meals, and foodie tips that put you in control of your health.

$75 Per Session

Total Wellness

Ready to make a change? Combine personal training sessions and nutritional guidance with this all-in-one package. This is perfect for helping set, reach, and maintain goals.

$150 for 60 Minutes
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