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Dance Soul Motion

Dance Soul Motion is a boutique fitness studio specializing in group fitness and personal training.  Classes are offered in-studio and online for your convenience. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, there is always a place for you at Dance Soul Motion.


Nuun Hydration

Hydration Enhancer

Boost your hydration with nuun electrolyte tablets, immunity defense, vitamins, and more.



Nutrient Dense Superfood Shake

The perfect meal in a cup: Shakeology is a nutrient dense superfood filled with everything you need to stay healthy inside and out!


Energize and Recover

Pre and Post Workout Drinks

Give your workouts a boost with Energize, an all-natural pre-workout that gives you energy and focus to finish strong(er). When you're done, shake up Recover to help ease your muscles into recovery so you're ready to go for your next workout!


Honey Stinger

Performance Fuel

Whether you need a pre-workout/run snack, mid-activity fuel, or post sweat treat Honey Stinger is the perfect snack for you!


Amazing Grass

Green Superfoods

Need more veggies in your life? Whether at home or on the go Amazing Grass are my go to greens for a full serving of greens/veggies and so much more. Use code DOMINIQUE to save on your first order.



For Adventure!

I love to adventure, and to be prepared: luckily Fitletic has everything I need from running belts and multi-scarves to my favorite hiking backpack. Savings code coming soon!

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