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How to make healthy choices a part of your life whether you're meal prepping or vacation planning!

You Only Have One Life(style)

I've been blogging about how tiny habits can lead to big changes, and I hope you've implemented a few of my strategies into your everyday life (if you have, drop a comment below!). These habits should become as easy as brushing your teeth, something you know is good for you, do at least 2x a day, and feel better when you are done. Once you form these habits, ahem new lifestyle changes, why would you want to stop?! PSA: Your lifestyle doesn't need a vacation, because it's yours! It goes where you go, works to keep you happy, healthy, and energized, and is flexible so you never need to "start again on Monday".

While I'm not suggesting you only eat salads and bring your own meals, I am suggesting that with a few simple hacks you can keep yourself on track no matter where the day takes you.

My Daily Morning Routine and the Travel Switch-Up

When I'm home my daily routine looks something like this: wakeup and drink my Energize (pre-workout), run or workout, drink my Recover (post-workout), shower, make my smoothie and have breakfast while I start my work day. Everyday I add 2 tablespoons of Elderberry and 3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar to my Energize (my husband calls it my elixir!). Here's the fun part:

  • My Energize and Recover comes in individual packets to make traveling easier

  • I swap the liquids for gummy versions of Elderberry and ACV

  • I always have my Shakeology on hand to mix with some almond milk or blend when I can ( a week's worth fits in a blender bottle for easy travel!)

I might not workout everyday on vacation, but I always fuel my body with the nutrients it needs to keep going (park hop til we drop, right?!).

I Have the Power

And the knowledge! I know what makes my body feel good and what makes me feel sluggish and bloated. Veggies keep my body feeling regular (we all know what happens on vacation!), lean proteins keep me full, and fruits give me a refreshing break from the various sweets and treats I'll enjoy while I'm away! When you know what foods (let's stop labeling foods and good or bad, please and thank you!) make *you* feel good you'll want to eat more of them and feel your best all vacation long. No one wants to feel bloated at the beach or sluggish for that 7am Rise of the Resistance Boarding Pass!

This isn't my superpower, but it is my job! As a nutrition coach I help clients find what foods work best for their body, talk about simple swaps to keep them on track, and help them realize that prepared is better than perfect.

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

If someone tells you "you can't eat that", run: you don't need that kind of negativity in your life. If you know every time you eat a certain food you end up sick, maybe it's time to eliminate that one item. Balance my friends. Eat the pasta, but not all the pasta. Enjoy some greens, but also mix it up with roasted vegetables. Have the pancakes for breakfast, but maybe skip the bread at dinner and enjoy the dessert. When you enjoy your food, you can enjoy your vacation!

When you are committed to feeling your best it's easy to make better choices. Back to lifestyle? Nah, you're already there!

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