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Learn to Let Go

I've talked about planning on here quite often, and it's SO important to have a plan and stick to it when you're trying to implement change or reach a goal. Here's the curve-ball: it's also ok to let go some days.

Stop Planning for Perfection

Your plan is perfect, but sometimes the timing simply doesn't work. The whole point of having a plan is to create a road-map to your goal. Have you ever taken a detour (a-hem, rest stop) on a road trip? That's all you are doing: taking a momentary pause in your plan to breathe and check-in.

Exhibit A: Last day of vacation run around the Boardwalk, hop on the Skyliner, get Joffrey's Coffee...

realize the skyliner that returns to our hotel doesn't run for another 45 minutes. Frustrating? A little. Did it ruin our plans for the day? Heck no, we were still in Disney with our favorite drinks in hand, no complaints there!

Check In and Be Honest

Did you know our brains are literally wired to be early-risers or night-owls?! With some consistency (check out last week's blog) you can definitely switch things up, but it might not be as easy as setting an alarm.

If your plan included 5:30am workouts but you aren't rolling out of bed until 7:00am everyday, it's time to check-in and be honest. Are you going to bed too late? Eating too much at dinner and not sleeping well? Need a new pillow or mattress? What changes can you make to stick to your plan?

If none of the changes stick, then adjust your day accordingly. Work from home? Do a 30 minute workout on your lunch break. Have access to a gym at/near your office? Rent a locker and get sweating. Maybe after work is the only accessible time to workout, that's fine: reframe your mindset and get your sweat on!

Take a Rest Day

Habits are good. Consistency is great. You're doing amazing! Now realize that taking a day off will not de-rail your journey. It's a rest-stop! Feeling tired? Sleep in, skip the afternoon workout, and start fresh the next day with a rise-and-shine gym session. Too hot to turn on the stove (we're in a heat-wave in MA): order your favorite take-out and then get back to your pre-portioned meals the next day. Variety is the spice of life(styles)!

The workouts are amazing, the nutrition plans are key, but it's the mental changes that excite me the most. This is the most important change I see in people when they join me on their Love Your Lifestyle journey. They let go of guilt; tomorrow is a new day and they have everything they need to keep going.

That mindset my heart so happy. So trust the process, and let go.

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