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Yes, You Have Time

How to create healthy habits that stick, in one week!

If the word "lifestyle" makes your head spin, you are not alone. Staying stuck in our patterns, even toxic ones, can be easier than making a change. We all know take-out 3x a week isn't the best choice, but then comes the 'oh well, there's always next week' and the spring mix goes in the trash...again. That special you purchased at your local fitness studio, it only works if you actually *go* to a class; and yes, you have time. It's not magic (but oh do I wish it was!), it's management. Ready? Grab your wand, eh pen, and let's go:

Use a Planner

Our phones are amazing, and awful, all at once. They can help us navigate on a road trip, skip the dole whip line, check our finances, and more. They can also be a giant black hole of nothing (I'm looking at you suggested Insta-feed). If your calendar is on your phone you're only one click away from distraction. Pen and planner are your new personal assistant. I've literally used the same style planner (new every January) for years and love it. I'll link it HERE for you (this is the academic version, I use the yearly).


Make a list and be realistic. Work. Life. Side hustle. Dreams. Whatever it is, write it down. Then, break it up. Small tasks? Go ahead and put them in your planner ASAP so you can check them off. Medium or recurring tasks? Figure out the best place in your weekly schedule and commit to that time and task every week. Big tasks? Stop procrastinating (it's me, I'm talking to myself here). Set aside 1 hour a week to focus on your big task: maybe it's breaking it down into more manageable pieces, maybe it's simply getting started, or a combination of both.

Set Your Schedule

We all have one, so use it. Working 9-5 (and you're welcome for getting that stuck in your head)? Set aside one 15 minute break to complete a small task. Unconventional work hours? That's cool too! Put your schedule in your planner (see step 1), work is obviously a non-negotiable. Now add in your must-have activities, here are just a few examples:

  • Kid's activities (if applicable)

  • Partner's work hours (so you get some time together)

  • Your activities (fitness classes, run club, etc)

Finally, add in some you time. This can be for a friend's night, crafting, binge-watching The Secrets of Sulphur Springs (do it!), anything that is relaxing to you.

When you write it all down you'll be surprised how much time you actually have left in the week. And if you need to make a few more, check out my last blog post Meal Prep Managed on how to save time in the kitchen.

Stick With It

Commit to yourself and your schedule. If it's in your planner, it's set in stone. 'I don't feel like it' is no longer an option; and trust me, you'll feel better checking off that box in the end. Life happens, and by life I mean traffic, upset bellies, and late work nights. The goal isn't to be perfect, it's to be committed. Miss your Monday night fitness class? Check your schedule and sign up for another one before the week is over. Overwhelmed at work? See if you can take an extra long lunch and make it up on another day. Once you see it, time is your friend...and I promise you have enough.

Ready to take back your time?! Share your planner selfies to social media and tag me @pushupsandpixiedust!

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